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Humanity has come to a point of collective consciousness, requiring collective decisions, and demanding collective cooperation.

There has been a convergence of metaphysics, science, and philosophy in their cries for help from all sectors of life. This is the time of phase transitions and paradigm shifts. This is the time for a revised foundation of society for our children and for generations to come; not by destroying existing structures, or "finding someone at fault and making them pay", but by working with, not against, the inherent laws of Nature – and by honoring our inherent relationship to them.

"Who will give back to the universal mother for the air we breathe, the water that flows, the light of the sun? Everything that exists has a spirit that is sacred and must be is the law of origins, the law of life."[1] <#_ftn1>

Right now, just two hours by air from Miami Beach, several men and women from indigenous tribes of the Sierra, are praying 24 hours a day for mother earth to forgive humanity for "losing their sacred connection with mother earth."

And they are not alone with their concerns. However, it is not the purpose of this document or FIELDS RESEARCH INSTITUTE to elaborate on problems of society or theorize future possibilities. Rather, it is to bring what is now being called, "Field Based Technologies" which, heretofore have been underutilized, underfunded, and/or perceived as incongruent with commercial enterprises, to society at large.

As you will read in this document, the body of research of FIELD BASED TECHNOLOGIES has surpassed the level of scientific and social scrutiny needed for practical application for humanity. It is our belief that mass consciousness is ready, and indeed, calling out for a paradigm shift on an interdisciplinary level. gutter cleaner Pelham

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Every day the news reports such topics as the need for planetary cooperation, short and long-term effects of toxic products created by commercial giants, and even the role consciousness and spirituality play in our rapidly changing society.

This document is about the introduction of an organization, which will provide the means, the vehicle, and the economically productive coherence necessary for pragmatic, integral, and responsible actions – in response to this call - for the highest outcome of the phase transitions we're all currently part of.

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